Should You StartUP?


If you still want to create your own StartUp after reading this book, you will be armed with the tools, techniques and insights you need to greatly increase your chances of success.

With humorous tips, first-person storytelling, and an endless source of valuable information, this book is the acid test to see if you have what it takes to start your own business.

In this book, Fabio describes realistically, pragmatically and inspiringly, his approach to life and business. This book is not the result of theoretical studies or research, but the practical experience of a successful entrepreneur in the challenging environment of Brazil. Intriguingly, creatively and provocatively, it takes the glamor out of entrepreneurial activity and gives you a practical roadmap of its challenges and rewards.

Partner and Marketing Director, Grupo XP

This is a book written from experience, full of valuable insights that I haven't seen anywhere else. They are provided with such clarity, simplicity and richness. This book takes you through the transition from a high-level executive to a small business owner with the daily responsibility of generating income and caring for employees.

Executive director, E-Commerce Brasil

Fabio explains with alarming frankness all the steps a first-time entrepreneur goes through. I read this book with a smile of approval and acknowledgment. In addition to clarifying what not to do, it provides the reader with advice on what they should do. This book is the missing piece of the puzzle for potential entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneur, Advertiser, Author
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These are the 9 Key Concepts all budding entrepreneurs need to be aware of to succeed.

The idea is not to discourage you, but to remove any illusions you may have, so you can survive and thrive in the early years of your business.

Fabio Rodrigues is a serial entrepreneur and Former Executive of Multinational Companies.

Aware that being an entrepreneur is not for everybody, Fabio felt a calling to help inform anyone considering going down a path full of enormous difficulties and challenges. His intention is never to discourage, but to informand disillusion budding business owners – by passing on the valuable lessons he picked up in the first years of his own StartUps.

Fabio has a degree in business administration from the University of Brasilia, a postgraduate degree in Marketing and Service Marketing from ESPM and a Master’s Degree in Corporate Sciences from the University of Lisbon. He was also a Marketing And Sales Executive at Americel, Claro, Microsoft and Nokia, where he left his position as Sales Director to start his first business.

In the space of just eight years he has created four different businesses and today runs a solidcompany operating in both Brazil and Portugal… But like all entrepreneurs, he still has doubts, fears and challenges to overcome every day.